Luminati Proxy Network

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Revenue Share
Up to $1,000 per referral
Paypal, Direct
30 Days
Program Description

Luminati is the world’s leading proxy site that also provides some of the top data collection tools around. The company has an incredible reach, making it an excellent selling point. For instance, Luminati has data centers in over 95 countries and over an 110,000 static residential IPs in over 35 countries.

The referral program works off of the company’s existing presence. Affiliates are given the opportunity to recommend Luminati and earn referrals revenue. This largely involves referring the service to businesses that can benefit from Luminati’s services directly.

Earning Potential

One of the more impressive elements of this referral program is the earning potential attached to it. By referring services, you can stand the chance to make up to 50 percent of your referrals revenue. This means that an affiliate can potentially make up to $1000 with a single client.

Needless to say, this is an alluring concept for many affiliates. This is especially true since such high-class companies don’t offer such lucrative deals. In this instance, however, affiliates stand a chance of getting the best of both worlds.

Luminati Referral Program Features

Here are some of the top features that are associated with the referral program.

Ease of Selling

As mentioned, Luminati is quite a well-regarded company. It has a global presence and is already established across the board. Best of all, the company targets mobile, residential, and businesses. This gives the average affiliate a broad horizon to work with.

This good reputation makes it far easier for affiliates to promote the brand. Not only are people aware of the brand, you will be able to promote impressive and innovative services. This means that it will take far less effort to make a sale and pick up your commission.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t matter if you are new to the world of affiliate marketing. Once you have signed up with the Luminati referral program, you will realize just how easy it actually is. In reality, all you need to do is to get your referral link and to embed it as you see fit.

Luminati doesn’t limit you in how you can do this. They readily accept embedded links in emails, social media posts, blogs, and more. Thus, even if you don’t have a proper site set up, you will still find it rather easy to promote the company.

Excellent Dashboard Layout

The Luminati dashboard is well-organized, allowing for an efficient operation. Each segment is clearly laid out for you, ensuring that you can keep a constant eye on how every element of the program is arranged. You can also keep track of your commission and monthly payments, staying on top of how much you are making. The dashboard is simple enough for newcomers to use, but sophisticated enough to show more professional affiliate marketers the kind of statistics that they need to be aware of.


This referral program allows for a great deal of promotional versatility. For instance, if you choose, you can embed your link and promote the service via a media kit. If you choose to do this, then it is simply a matter of downloading and utilizing the attached media kit. This contains banners for improved CTR, ensuring that your tactics are quite successful in the process.

If you don’t feel comfortable using banners or media kits, then there is another option available to you. This involves writing a review. All you are required to do is write down your thoughts about the company in a review format and then use the referral link. You will be compensated if your link leads to sales.